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Adhesive Spraying and Drying Systems

Spraying System
Spraying System

drying System
Drying System

Edgetech’s automatic adhesive spraying and drying systems are designed for the spraying of substrate panels and laminate sheets with contact adhesives.

These systems can be designed for water base or solvent base adhesives and can be built in many configurations and levels of automation. The design of the spray booth includes a full height filter wall that accommodates solvent or water base contact adhesive applications.

Each system is designed and built to meet your specific production requirements.
Standard Features (typical)
  • Spray booth with rear filter wall, exhaust plenum
  • Exhaust air flow sensors on exhaust plenum
  • Custom side access openings, access doors, overhead lights in spray booth
  • Infeed gravity conveyor (roller or skatewheel) with fence for material alignment
  • Powered conveyors with adjustable belts and variable speed control
  • Traversing spray unit for various types of adhesives; Electric motor driven / frequency inverter speed control
  • Various adhesive delivery systems depending on application (pressure pot water base or recirculating pump system with adhesive heater solvent base)
  • Spray gun cover cap system to prevent adhesive from drying on tip (water base only)
  • Paper overspray collector–programmed advance feature minimizes paper usage handwheel adjustment of moveable side digital readout of position
  • Drying tunnel (different configurations for water base and solvent base systems)
  • Temperature controller to control dryer heaters
  • Programmed interlock of system
  • Programmed shutdown sequence
  • All controls included
  • Remote control console
Optional Features
  • Side spray guns / underwrap spray guns
  • Belt cleaning system with round belts for water base system
  • Width sensing system on infeed conveyor to automatically adjust spraying width
  • Custom modifications
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