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M107C Hot Melt Roll Coater
M107C Hot Melt Roll Coater The M107C Hot Melt Roll Coater is designed to apply coatings for a variety of applications, including hot melt heat-activated coatings, hot melt product assembly coatings, hot melt pressure sensitive coatings and hot melt protective coatings.

The dual rollers on the M107C automatically feed the material through at a uniform rate and quickly apply an even honey-comb pattern of hot melt adhesive

A507C Hot Melt Activator

Standard Features
  • Precision Thermostat
  • Cast Aluminum Reservoir Tray w/ Integrated Heating Element
  • Adjustable Top Roller
  • Adjustable Doctor Blade
  • 1/4 HP Gear Motor
Optional Features
  • Hand Roller
  • Hot Melt Activator for reactivation of hot melt
  • Hot Melt Adhesive

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